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Frequently    Asked    Questions

Find the answers to some of the commonly asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please reach out and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q. What is the difference between your fitness coaching service and a service where I only have to pay $8 a month for a fitness program?

A.  I can't speak for every business, but there would be a few major differences. With our fitness coaching service you get your own fitness coach to guide you. You will get your own custom exercise program that is tailored for you and your goals. You will receive nutrition and diet guidance. You will receive a comprehensive document containing information to help educate and improve your understanding of lifestyle factors, nutrition, and exercise principles, to help you achieve your goals.  You will have free access to an App where you can view your training program, exercises, videos and instruction on how to do the exercises, reps and sets etc. You don't have to guess or think about what to do for your workouts, it is all created for you. Most importantly you will be able to speak with your fitness coach via the App any time you want whilst you are enrolled in the program. If you have any questions you can communicate real-time, have conversations. If you are struggling, your fitness coach will help you with solutions, your fitness coach will help you come up with healthier habits for you to incorporate into your lifestyle. This is about creating healthier habits that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

If a business offers you a 'custom program' for $8 a month, chances are it is not 100% custom. It is most likely a generic program tailored to a certain goal, so when a client follows the bouncy ball and selects weight loss or gain muscle, they will all get given that same program. There is no problem with this, just bare in mind that it may not fit in with your lifestyle or be completely custom for you. 

The main difference is also time. If you only have to pay $X per week/month, chances are the trainer won't be spending much time with you, if any. This is because the trainer/service would need a high number of clientele to be able to make a living. With hundreds/thousands of clients at the same time, you can't expect a personal service.

We have a limited amount of spaces for this reason, so we can ensure that every one of our clients is well looked after and receives a PERSONAL service. We offer as much help and guidance as you need. This is about YOU.

I hope this clears things up a bit!

Q. Do you offer personal training sessions in person?

A. The short answer is no as this is an online fitness coaching service. However, if you live in Sydney and you are a current client, an in-person session may be arranged for an additional fee. This is up to the discretion of the trainer.

Q. Can I get a discount?
A. Before I give the answer I will give an explanation. If you are driving around a car that costs $200, you probably won't care if you scratch it. What if you were driving around a car that cost you $350,000. Would you take more care driving and parking it? What if you had plans to attend a show and the tickets cost you $4, but your best friend invited you to their birthday party on the same evening. Would it be easy to bail on the $4 show? What if the tickets to the show cost you $550, would it still be an easy decision?

Pricing may change from time to time with specials and promotions, but generally there are no discounts. It devalues your commitment to succeeding and it devalues your health. This program is about investing in yourself with a premium service.

Q. What is your policy on refunds?
A. A refund will generally NOT be provided but a partial refund MAY be provided in extenuating circumstances or where the law permits.

We don't give refunds for change of mind for the simple reason that many people are afraid of change and are quick to bail when shit gets tough. By giving you the option to bail whenever you want without consequence, this decreases your chance of success and sticking with your program. 

Q. I'm training for a body building competition, can you help me?
A. Yes I can help you, but that is not what I specialise in. I highly recommend you find a trainer that specialises in competition prep with body builders

Q. What do you specialise in?

A. I specialise in fat loss and weight management

Q. Are you qualified?
A. Yes, I have a;

- Certificate III in Fitness
- Certificate IV in Fitness
- Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health (Specialising in Healthy Body Weight Nutrition)
- Certificate in Nutrition, Exercise and Sports
- Certificate In Fat Loss Fundamentals
- Strength System International Certification - Level 1, Level 2, Level 3
- Performance PT Coach Level 1, Level 2, Level 3
- Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1

Plus other qualifications not related to fitness.

Q. Can you write me a detailed meal plan?
A. No, I am not a qualified dietitian, therefore I cannot legally write you a custom meal plan dictating exactly what you eat. I can, and will, provide you with basic nutritional advice, meal ideas, calorie/macronutrient targets, nutritional habits etc that fall in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines. I can also refer you to a dietitian if you wish (or your GP can refer you).

Q. I have never exercised before and I am worried about starting, can you help me?
A. Of course! I am your online fitness coach (personal trainer), this is what I am here for, to help you develop good fitness and nutrition habits! I will give you the guidance, motivation and help you need to succeed and start this new health chapter with an enthusiastic smile on your face :)

Q. I have a pre-existing injury/health condition. Is it OK for me to train?
A. Prior to commencing training you will need to complete a health screening questionnaire. Depending on the results of the questionnaire, you may need to get clearance from your medical practitioner. This can include your GP or physiotherapist. Your medical practitioner will provide guidance on what physical activity you can and can't do. I will use this guidance to create your program with your safety as my top priority. Remember, I want to help you improve your health, not make it worse.

Q. I don't have the money at the moment, do you do a payment plan?
A. Negative. This program takes an upfront investment. This is about making your health your priority and I need to know you are serious about your health. If your car broke down I'm sure you would be able to scramble some money for a mechanic. Don't get me wrong, I know what it is like to be broke, trust me. But when there is a will there is a way. I am confident you can save up enough money for this investment. This is about investing in your time and your health. You need to make your health your priority.

Q. Do I need to be a member of a gym?
A. No you don't necessarily need to have access to a gym as I will create a program tailored for you. However, having access to a gym with equipment would be ideal and preferred as it would increase the exercise options available to you. The second best option would be having access to exercise equipment at home or a local park. If you have no access to a gym and zero access to exercise equipment, we would need to get creative but it may hamper your progress and results. You can't practice driving without a car. #Unagi

Q. I'm currently overweight and weigh 752kg. If I stick to your program, will I look like Thor in 8 weeks?
A. No, I am a fitness coach, not a Genie. Our body doesn't change overnight, it changes over time with consistent habits. Radical changes in body composition aren't always safe and realistic and the results don't usually last long term. Losing weight, gaining muscle, increasing your fitness level, changing your body composition, whatever your goal may be, it is a process of change that will take time and you will need to trust in the process. I want you to develop healthy habits that last you a lifetime, not just a short term quick fix. It will take time but I promise I will help you make better life decisions and help you get a healthier body. One that moves and feels better. Trust the process and give it time.

Q. I live in Perth/Chicago/England/China/Antarctica/Neverland/Narnia, can I still get your help?
A. You sure can, that is the beauty of online coaching. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, we can still work together. Just as long as you have access to the internet, your mobile phone (cell phone for the 'mericans), and can speak English. The pricing is in Australian currency (dollarydoos) and exchange rates vary, so keep that in mind.

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